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Beny, Melbourne, Australia
"I am a terrible singer. None of the singing classes I’ve taken have helped me as much as SingingCoach. The software is so much fun that my friends and I use it for entertainment (they are all terrible singers, too).  As I played with it, my accuracy went from 20% to 50%, even with some of the harder songs I’ve tried in the full package.  I also want to thank the responsive customer service that made my journey smooth."


Ted, Michigan
"An excellent company with a first rate product.  When I first ordered the product, my computer malfunctioned (no fault of theirs) and I lost the program.  When I contacted the company, they responded quickly, and with very responsive and satisfactory service.  I was contacted promptly and the product was supplied to me once again without any effort on my part.  Blue ribbon company."


Delores, Wisconsin
"I'm happy to report that YES, SingingCoach did give me more confidence to sing in public. The music is easy to follow and I liked that I could use the microphone to hear the playback or sing along."


Conrad, Louisiana
“I just bought your SingingCoach software and I love it. I started playing the acoustic guitar a couple of years ago. ... Unfortunately, my singing is horrible, excuse me, was horrible.  But I decided to fix that and your software is helping make some great progress.”

Bill Machrone, PC Magazine
“…a slick piece of technology…fun and easy to use.”

Syesha Mercado, 2nd Runner-up | American Idol, Season 7
“The minute I heard that it involved singing and kids, I really wanted to do it because my passion is music and I love working with kids. It is the perfect program for kids.  They take the microphone and start singing along…everyone is having fun.”

Tom McColley, Music Educator
“Some of my students are singing in tune for the first time in their lives!”
Dan Jacobsen, Southland Blues
“…this innovative product can be very helpful. It will give you confidence that you are singing on pitch and in the correct tempo."
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