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How It Works

The concept behind SINGINGCoach is simple: it can be hard to tell if you’re singing in tune!  But SINGINGCoach shows you your voice as you sing.  Our program uses a patented pitch tracking line technology that analyzes your pitch in real time and shows you if you are too high, too low, or right in tune.  It happens so fast you can actually adjust your pitch to correct each note as you sing.  With just a little practice you will learn to do it automatically!  Your scores will go up to prove it.  In very little time, you will sing with confidence and once you are confident your tone will improve.

The Secret Ingredient

The secret ingredient of SINGINGCoach is the ability of the software to transpose (that’s a music term for “move up or down”) each song so that it fits comfortably in your vocal range.  All you do is select whether you are a high, medium, or low singer (the technical terms are soprano, alto, tenor, etc.) and then the software takes over.  It even allows you to slow down a song so that you can learn to sing it in tune at a slower tempo.  Once you are confident you can “take it up to tempo.”



System Requirements

Operating System – Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8
CPU – Intel or AMD 1.6GHz or greater

Memory – at least 512 MB RAM

Video Card – Standard video card which supports 1024 x 768 or higher resolution

Video Memory – at least 64MB of video RAM

Sound Card –
Built-in microphone is supported. USB headset / recording devices require a USB port. Audio output jack and microphone input jack are supported if available

Hard Drive Space – at least 400MB of available hard disk space


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