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Award-Winning Technology

We couldn’t be more proud of the fact that right from the start SINGINGCoach’s patented pitch tracking line won prestigious awards and earned rave reviews. In 2006 the Tampa Bay Technology Forum honored Electronic Learning Products and our software technology with its Technology Innovation of the Year Award. The judges noted that the real time analysis of pitch along with the intuitive graphic user interface combined in a way that created an interactive experience that is truly remarkable.

The next year, The Wall Street Journal’s Technology Innovation of the Year competition attracted over 800 entrants. Fortune 500 companies from across the globe were well represented, along with US government research labs and tech company giants like IBM, Xerox, and Microsoft. The judges awarded Electronic Learning Products, Inc. first place in the category of software. More surprisingly, ELP was singled out to receive an honorable mention, 4th place overall. The reason given by The Wall Street Journal was simple: The singing technology has the potential to impact not just a portion of the population that has a particular illness or a particular need for a business or scientific application.  The SINGINGCoach software technology could affect every single person on the planet, or at least every one of them that sings or wants to sing.

Click here for a complete listing of awards that have been given to SINGINGCoach.

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